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Kammerhofská 29, 96901, Banská Štiavnica, Slovensko

Guest house Villa Maria

Present times

The guest house named VILLA MARIA is situated in a restored historical house right in the centre of Banská Štiavnica. Due to its unique historical and tehcnical sights and charming natural surroundings the town was incribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Art and style are undoubtedly the terms precisely defining the guest house interior and make the special atmosphere. The interior furnishing, equipment and quality of services are definitely set for more demanding business clients.

The house ground floor provides two small club rooms (one with a bar, one with a library) equipped with the most advanced audiovisual devices.

The stone wine cellar offers premium Slovak and world known vines as well. Exterior offers  an outdoor fireplace with a tiny seating around.

A grand sunny terrace in front of the house overlooks the New Castle, a hereditary shaft Glanzenberg and the town centre.

Our guests are welcome to park in a nearby lockable parking place situated only 50 m from the house.

The house contains 4 doublebed rooms and one suite. All rooms are fitted with modern bathrooms and  equipped with stylish antique furniture.

Parking place, wireless internet connection  is included in the room price.


The first mention of the house named VILLA MARIA dates back to 1696 when the Town Registry recorded the estate sale. So all the deeds prove the house itself is even older. The historical field research declares up to 1943 the house was owned by 11 various owners. The oldest owning family dealt with production of hats.

In the late 19th the house was completed, an addition was built and a new neoclassical facade has been decorating it till today. On 28th June 1943 the house was bought by Dr.Jozef Cincík (a vice-director of Matica slovenská/The Slovak Institute in Martin). He was an accomplished manager of science and art, a painter, a sculpturer, a graphic designer, a set designer and a scholar of fine art.

The origin of the national cultural heritage sight – a sculpture of Pieta seems to be a little hazy. The sculpture was set onto the house’s facade in unknown date and by unknown person, later in 1989 it was stolen and lost. It is most likely its origin belongs to some private art collection abroad. In 2014 upon the request of present owners and according to available documents a new copy of the sculpter was created by Master of Art Rober Mlčúch from stone (sem web) and after ceremonial setting back onto the house facade also consecrated.

The historical house restoration and rebuilding into a guest house were supported by owner’s private sources without any use of grants and funds, just to present our honor to the town.

Feel welcome to spend your time in the charming place, right in the hands of splendid nature. Have a close touch with history and faded history of the town where science, culture and progress of the world recognition rooted.